Power & Process maintains a staff of inside and outside sales professional’s dedicated to providing innovative solutions.

We have a friendly, experienced sales staff, with very strong technical backgrounds, ready to meet your needs!



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Over the years our contracted product offerings have evolved. This a result from solving problems with passion and commitment while working with customers. This has resulted in a vast array of highly efficient and cost-effective products. 


Since our company’s inception we have developed many relationships with End Users, Contractors, Engineers and Distributers.


We are confident in our ability to select, sell and service the products that we represent meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

The products that we offer:


Steam related systems and system components. This includes boilers, steam distribution piping, expansion joints, steam traps, radiator control valves, steam regulators, control valves, domestic water heaters, pressure powered pumps, condensate return systems, isolation valves, and other related ancillary equipment.


    • Steam boilers and steam generators. Including completely packaged boiler plants
    • Condensing and non-condensing gas fired boilers and associated hydronic system components.
    • Condensing domestic water heating systems.  
    • On demand with no storage.
    • Boiler venting systems.
    • Pipeline expansion joints.
    • Thermal insulation jackets
    • High pressure valves fittings and tubing.
    • Valves for isolation and throttling applications both manual and automated.
    • Vacuum plumbing systems including vacuum central pumping stations, related system controls, and valves.


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